Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Hello? part 6

Now I know about the iPod Touch.

I'm popular.

That Collin is a dirty dog.

Eldina puts ketchup on everything.

Spring Break Gone Wild?

I did ask for cheese.

No wonder he is such a crazy left-wing nut.

Like the Death Star trench.

I just made a slurping sound with beans.

Time for drugs.

That was hot. Action.

And you did, didn't you?

I am just a big tank of think.

You looked and gave me the finger.

No one gets your soccer humor, Ivan.

Please don't scan my private ports.

De-Matt-funk-i-fie it.

I make Slurpees out of babies.

Are you afraid you're not nasty enough?

Wedding tackle.

Your Dad is a freaking psych0.

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