Saturday, October 18, 2008

Hello? part 3

More quotes that you probably cannot understand.

Let's see who dies first.

It's a good Amie-catcher.

A guy can complain.

That's what she said.

That was a made-up experience.

The Scott is Thornock.

That room is in the contract.

That was his gang sign.

I gotta get my warlock on.

You will be entertained and hunted at the same time.

He always wants his shirt off.

What does that mean.

Your Skymiles number is 7.

Click on "Dinner with Stripper."

There is no fidelity in wireless.

I've heard you were a bell-chimer.

We are all going in the bathroom afterwards to look at it.

Bring me my Halusky.

We are Americans.

What is the centipede? You mean the worm.

She turned out to be a drug dealer.

I imagine Jesus as a liberal Mormon.

I got you babe.

Will you call me Babydoll?

That's right sweetheart.

That's a lie someone told you.

Or, he doesn't know how to spell it.

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