Tuesday, October 21, 2008


I stopped drinking coca-cola and most soft drinks in July of 2005. That seems so long ago, but it really is not. Not drinking pop has not been that hard on me. I have an occasional drink, but I try to just have water. I never have Coke though. I am like the "Million Little Pieces" guy. I can stick my nose in Coke and then push it away. There are some days though that turning it away is very, very, very hard. When I go to Catalyst NA the urge is there a little. The sugar and caffeine pick me up sounds great in my mind, but is simple to resist. The longer Catalyst Europe goes on the harder it is to resist Coke. By Friday's flight home I will be salvating every time I see someone with a Coke.

I cannot, I will not have a Coke. I could use all the moral supprt you guys got for me right now.


thoughtful me said...

I think instead of a throw-up streak you should have a coke-free count-up!

As for the moral support - You are awesome, keep it up!

RyRy said...

mmmm, coke kicks butt. DELICIOUS!