Saturday, August 30, 2008

One Surgery, One Breakfast

My dad has eaten at McDonald's for breakfast for the past 142 weeks. He always does it. I am sure the employees know him. He stops almost every morning on his way to work too. I knew that because of his surgery it might be hard for him to get to McDonald's today. Diana and I had the kids make get well cards and we took over McDonald's for him and my mom for breakfast. My dad was happy. He is doing pretty good. He has his crutch, but seemed to get around pretty well. He still has a big bandage on his knee and he said it was hurting, but what do you expect the day after surgery?

Hopefully he will be ready for golf in St. George in a couple weeks.

1 comment:

RyRy said...

What the !@#$%? Look at you trying to be the favorite - All it takes is a little McDonald's.