Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Monster Links

It has been a while since I had a links list. I have been keeping URLs and emails that have had interesting items in them.

The new iPhone had a lot of launch/activation problems. Now people are complaining about call quality and dropped calls. This is getting out of hand. Apple needs to pull this together. They are the "it just works" company. Right now, the iPhone is just not working. If Apple is not careful they will lose some love points from this consumer survey.

Everyone loves the Wii, and people are loving it even more. I love the Wii too. I am thinking of moving our Wii upstairs so me and Diana can play it more. The Wii also has a bunch of the best games. Hopefully the Wii will start being more available. Looks like the PS3 could be in trouble too.

You like cute, fuzzy animals? Click the link and order your calendar. How about that kitty? One of the cutest ever!

Collin, this one is for you: Missing Muxtapes? Try 8Tracks. Here is a quick preview/review of how it works. Try it today, before it too, is gone.

Ever heard of "wardriving"? Wardriving is going around trying to find/hack into wireless networks. I think it would be super fun, but I am not geeky enough to actually be able to crack a network.

Want more juice from your wireless network at home? Follow some of these tips and get a better wireless signal at home?

Drop out of high school for Guitar Hero? I wouldn't do it, or let my kids do it, but whatever, not one of my kids.

I could do this before it was cool and easy. I used to love taking pictures and altering them or changing them. When I used to work for a printing company I would make the Christmas card and add something to it so I could use them as family cards as well. One year I put the families names on all the stockings on the fireplace. It was pretty cool.

I do not like the way Brett Favre's name is spelled. But I would not change it if I had him in a video game. I guess EA Sports decided that they did want to change the spelling.

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