Saturday, November 15, 2008

Fantasy Sports Update

I am sure you all missed my weekly fantasy football update. I am sorry for not getting it posted sooner. This week has been pretty hectic. I have had many personal as well as business items to worry about and deal with this week. Not to say that this week has not been a good one, just busy. Now I am feeling a little sick and just want to stay in bed and hang out with the wife (which is exactly what we are doing as I type this).

I lost my fantasy match up this week. I was very sad. I should have won. I lost by 11 points and I had two guys that did not play (due to injury) and another guy that played for the first quarter and then was out the rest of the game. I also played Aaron Rodgers and he was horrible in a Green Bay loss. I could not believe it. I needed this win. I now reside in second place in my league with a record of 7-2.

I play the number three team this week whom I have already beaten once and plan on beating again. Hopefully all of my team members play well. A couple of my guys play some bad teams, so I am very encouraged.

Switching gears to the NBA and fantasy basketball: I won last week. I can barely believe it. I am also leading by a large margin so far this week with only tonight and tomorrow until the end of the match up. Maybe this year in the NBA won't be so bad, of course, I am playing some of the worst teams (if it is possible to have a worse team than mine) in the league right now. I will keep you updated.

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