Monday, November 3, 2008

Prague Photos

Swan faucet from the Imperial Hotel restaurant. This is how they do it in the CZ. No simple water falling on your hands, it has to come from a swan.
I love this sign, it is all over the CZ. I think it says, "Kids, feel free to play in the streets even though there are cars everywhere!"
This is a good shot of the narrow streets of Prague. Narrow streets half-filled with restaurant stands and then people crowding the rest of the free area.
Statue right at the start of the Charles Bridge. There are statues about every 20 feet on both sides of the bridge.
The Powder Tower, which was the first official "site" that I saw on my trip to Prague.
Old Town square has old buildings in it. That is probably why they call it "Old Town."
This is the "In Case of Fire" instruction sheets for the Prague Hilton. Hilarious!

This is the astronomical clock in Prague. If you are into astrology this is probably really cool. For me, it does not do much.
Church that is right off Old Town square.
This is from the cathedral at the palace. This was really beautiful.
View from the Charles bridge.
View from the other side of the Charles Bridge.

Alex getting in some part time work selling snuggies.
More pictures to come as I continue to get them all uploaded. If you want to see them all, go to my Facebook page. I have 3 photo albums full of photos with more to come.

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