Wednesday, November 5, 2008


I have not done a list of links for a while. Here we go:

You women are dirty, and this study proves it. I like the line, "Should a man worry about holding hands with a girl?" and the person responds, "I guess it depends on which girl." This stuff is hilarious, a comedian could not write it better.

I like to shop online. I have been buying more and more online through the last year. Last christmas was my first real HUGE online shopping experience. I bought our Wii, games, controllers, chargers, and even other gifts all online. I would say about 80% of all our gifts were purchased online last year. I don't know if I will be able to purchase that much this year, but I will try. Here is an article about online shopping and the popularity of it.

Blogs are changing the world. They change the ways companies do everything these day. I think it is very important that a company or a person control the message they are trying to spread. I also think a blog is a great way to take that control. The weird part is that five years ago you never heard of a blog and now blog posts are picked up by news organizations as fact.

The Blackberry Bold is just about out. Here is a good review of it. I am waiting for the touch screen Storm to come out (it also still has to be released on TMobile) and then I will get it. This reviewer really does not like the size of the Bold, but let me tell you, size matters and a big beautiful screen with a great keyboard will make up for any discomfort.

A real iPhone killer? I doubt it. Samsung does not have the "cool" factor that Apple does these days.

I love Skype. It is an awesome technology. VoIP is where it is at, but the world does not agree. Diana does not like it. I do not think she realizes that we have digital phone at home and it is ran through our internet connection. Out phone is just like VoIP!

Halloween was last week, but you can still view this slide show of "geek-o-lanterns" from Wired. There are some pretty cool pumpkins. I am not a very good pumpkin carver, but I try. I do not think I could make any of these.

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