Saturday, November 15, 2008

Reading Level Update

Hello and welcome to Junior High.

Ever since I received a link from Lesley that led me to find out that my blog had the reading level of "Elementary School" I have been trying to improve my blog so I could move up a level. I have not been very happy about my low reading level. I have been trying to improve my writing and the quality of the blog. I hope you have all noticed, I now write in complete sentences (sometimes).

Tonight, I checked the link ( to find out my new reading level. My blog is now certified as Junior High.

Way to go me! Just so you all know, Diana believes that one sentence paragraphs (like the one that leads this story) is the reason my blog was so lowly related before. I guess we will see if this posts reduces my reading level.

1 comment:

DeVoogd...Party of Five said...

Your Just jealous because our blog is a high school reading level.... and your not as smart as us DEVOOGDS's!!!