Thursday, November 13, 2008

Work Week

All this week we have had the Burton Group analyst planning meetings in Salt Lake. It has been a great week. Being a distributed company (Burton Group has almost 150 employees and only 50 work in Midvale), I do not see my peers and colleagues very often. Being able to hang with them and see them in their element (discussing their topic subjects) was very fun. I am quite the geek, but these guys I work with are really geeks. They dig deep inside of technologies and learn all the ins and outs, I learn just enough to be dangerous.

We started the week (Monday) with a level set of what to expect for the week and that was excellent. Seeing what and where our research is going lets me truly see the genius and work that goes into the company by our high-level executives. Monday night the entire team went to Biaggi's, a local Italian eatery. It was OK, not great, but good. I had never been there before and I will probably take Diana there someday (soon).

On Tuesday there was team planning meetings, but I had to go into the office to do my day job. I am sad that I missed the unconference sessions that took place on Tuesday. I got a lot of work done in the office on Tuesday.

Wednesday I had meetings in the office in the morning but I went up to the hotel in the afternoon to see how things were going. It was really great to see the way the teams work together. Each team is very different, but the ways they communicate are awesome. Some teams have a discussion, some teams just talk, and others get in to more of a "heated" discussion. These guys are passionate about their topics! Wednesday night I went out with the DCS and NTS teams to Cafe Molise in downtown SLC. It was OK, not the best Italian I have ever had, but good.

Today (Thursday) I went downtown all day. It was another great day as the teams discussed cross-cutting topics. It was very informative and I like seeing the life of the analyst. As much fun as the sessions were, I really liked having time to talk with the analysts and get to know them better.

Can't wait for next years planning meetings!

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