Monday, November 3, 2008

They Tried To Make Her Go To Rehab...

My mom dislocated her shoulder yesterday. She spent the day at the hospital. She does not know how she did it, she just woke up with her shoulder hurting. She did say she got some pretty good drugs for the pain though, so that it is a plus.

I called her today just to check up on her and she told me all about her day. It is good that she hurt her left arm - or she wouldn't be able to play solitaire or send me all those cheesy emails that she does. I guess that is good for her, not for me.

As I talked to her on the phone Chloe came in and heard just some of the conversation. When I got off the phone she asked, "Grandma has to go to rehab? She doesn't do drugs!" I told her she did not know her Grandma very well. Then Chloe asked what she needed to go to rehab for. I told Chloe, "She watches too much Law and Order."

Diana finally made me tell her the whole story - which by the way - is not as good as the story I could make up myself.

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