Saturday, February 28, 2009

Saturday Night

Tonight was Saturday. We invited Kevin and Tanya over for dinner and games. The kids love Tanya and Kevin. Tanya is Diana's cousin. Tanya is pregnant with her and Kevin's first kid (girl). Diana had invited Kevin and Tanya over while I was in Europe and all I heard was stories about how much fun they had and how Kevin likes bubble baths.

You see, they had played "Whoonu" which is a Cranium game where you try to decide what someone likes out of the cards you have. At some point Kevin picked bubble baths over something manly. The kids must bring this up once or twice a week.

Tonight we had a yummy Pronto Pasta Bake out of the Pampered Chef cookbook. It was super yummy. I like pasta. We then brought out the games. We started with Pictureka! which is a super fun game we got for Christmas from the Devoogd's. Tanya won one round and then Kevin won the second. I should warn you that Kevin is very competitive. Kevin was very happy to win.

After Pictureka! I was going to have us go to Whoonu, but once Kevin heard about Giant Spoons, he wanted to play a game where things could get a little violent. We started playing Giant Spoons and Kevin eliminated Tanya pretty quickly. He kept stealing the spoon from her and she was out. Jordan went out next, he played good, but he was just a step slow.

Chloe was the next to go out and she was sad, but she stuck around to watch. Jordan and Tanya went down to play Skee Ball. Next Diana went out - but just barely. She had just taken a lead over me, but I came back and got rid of her. Now it was me and Kevin head to head. I had to win two in a row to win. I did it. I took him out.

On the last hand I got two aces early and I saw that he put both in his hand. When I got the third one I put it in my hand, knowing he could not get his four of a kind. I now just waited to get my four and take the spoon. The card I needed came and I was done. I grab the spoon and winner, winner, chicken dinner! It was a great time.

Next, Tanya and Diana chatted while the kids and Kevin played around and goofed off. The kids love playing with Kevin. All in all, it was a great time! Thanks for coming over Tanya and Kevin, we will invite you again soon!

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