Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Getting Excited

I have been working on a big vendor briefing project at work lately. When I say lately I mean for almost the past year. It seems like I have had the project on my list for ever. This Friday I have the big debut of the new process/system with our analyst team. This is the part where I get nervous about how it will be accepted. Will someone see a huge flaw in the system that I have overlooked? Will there be a revolt because of the extra responsibility?

I have been lock and step with my boss on this project, so I don't think there will be any problems. I really, really hope that there is not any problems. I cannot think of any and I have been through the process hundreds of times. I have gone through the system so many times I am sick of it.

Friday is my big presentation and then IT rolls the system live. By Monday all of the companies vendor briefings will be routed through the new system. Some of the cool new features (like you care, but it helps me write this stuff out so I will be ready on Friday):
  • Automatic routing of the briefing through the routing topic lists
  • Sales notifications
  • Synopsis for each briefing
  • Vendor can upload presentation files directly
  • Emails that contain all pertinent information
  • Reminder emails to managers
  • New overview and FAQ for vendors
I cannot wait to finish out this project and finally be done with it! Once this is done I will be finally be able to focus on my other objectives for the quarter.

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