Wednesday, February 4, 2009


I tried to post a couple times yesterday but I could not stay connected to Blogger. Here is what I finally saved in Word and decided I would post today:

Ticked Off

12:18 A.M.

I spent 30 minutes writing about how I finally built the last four of Diana's cube units to build her second tower/shelf in her scrap booking room. At the end of my long post about all of the cool stuff she has in rooms I clicked post and got an error. Blogger then deleted all my text and I am now way too tired to retype it all.

Just so you know, I built the 5 cubes and got them setup in the scrap booking room. I hung up the white magnet board that we have had for like six months.

Next time you are at the house, check it out.

I am going to bed. I feel like I ate a hot pocket. My back hurts.

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