Saturday, February 7, 2009

I Heart Costco

I went to Costco today. It was great. I got a bunch of stuff. There are not many stores you can buy a 4 pound bag of broccoli and 355 pieces of licorice along with a 5 pack of toothpaste. There was also many other items on my list today. I got a twelve pack of chicken broth and an eight pack of refried beans. Some of the really great stuff I got was the 42 pack of Fruit by the Foot. My kids could eat the box of Fruit by the Foot in one sitting. All together I spent almost $200. Good times.

Overall, it was an awesome Costco today. The only bad part is that I did not get anything from the food court. I would have loved a slice of pizza or a hot dog after my shopping, but Diana was making Broccoli cupcakes tonight, so I did not want to ruin my appetite.

The only bad thing about Costco is you still have to go to a regular grocery store after. There is just no way you can get everything that you need at the Costco. Believe me, I have tried. Diana and I used to say that you get too much at Costco, but we have gotten better at just making sure we use something or splitting up the food and freezing the part we don't use.

I love the Costco.

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