Monday, March 2, 2009

Monday Night Television

Monday is the best night on television by a mile. Diana and I watch like 8 or 9 shows and 4 of them happen on Monday night - half of our TV watching in one night. Here is tonight's recap:

Tonight's Big Bang Theory was only a 2.5 star episode. Funny, but not as funny as usual. The whole Howard and Lesley thing was just stupid filler time. Sheldon and his "spot" was hilarious. Diana and I are getting good at pausing the DVR to see what Chuck Lorre had added to the ending. Usually it is pretty funny.

Tonight's How I Met Your Mother was hilarious (4 stars). The one BIG problem that I had was that Megan Mullaly played the voice of Barney's mom before and she was not in it tonight as his mom. Other than that, this episode was hilarious. It was a little transparent (Ted and the girl kissing, "Tyler" trying to kiss Robin). That did not make it any less funny. The ending with Robin calling Marshall's "mom" - that was hilarious!

Heroes started out well this season, but it is not holding together very well - tonight's episode was 2.5 stars. The people that run the show are trying to slow things down and not have as many characters, but that is one of the things I liked best about the show. Tonight there was divorce and love talk, not stuff that should be on this show. Peter needs to be able to have multiple abilities again. This is really bugging me. Heroes is still one of my favorite shows, but they have some improving to do.

24 is the final show that we watch each Monday and is usually a 4 star show. Tonight's was 3.5, it was a little down from what has been on lately. 24 and Jack Bauer are back this season. 24 has been excellent each and every week. Having Tony back is a huge plot hole, but it works. The season has been fast moving and action packed. Jack is awesome. The show is not wasting time on stupid story lines this year - which is good.

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