Thursday, March 12, 2009

Freezer Meals

Diana got us in a freezer meals club a couple months ago. I thought she was crazy, and the first time we made meals it was a five-hour process. I was saying we would be in this month and then out. We made a ravioli casserole that was delicious. In return we got all pizza soup, taco soup, and a bunch of other yummy meals.

Last month we made corkscrew chicken and we heard from everyone how good it was. The only meal we have had from last month was a yummy chicken crock pot dinner. We made rice and covered the rice with the chicken stuff. It was very good. We have other meals still in the freezer to eat and I am sure we will get to them soon.

For this month we have gone crazy and made BFD (Breakfast for Dinner). It is Diana's world famous breakfast casserole. It is so good. I love it. It is pretty easy to make it also. It still takes hours when you are making six of them. This recipe consists of hash browns, sausage, eggs and cheese.

I always go to Costco to get our supplies for these meals. Today I bought 4 packs of 24-pack eggs, 2 2-pound cheeses, 2 3-pound sausages and 9 pounds of hash browns. We used almost all of it (we have some eggs left). The best part of the freezer meals is the fun time me and Diana get to have as we make the meals and spend a couple hours in the kitchen hanging out and talking and cooking. It is fun.

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