Tuesday, March 3, 2009

American Idol

I watched American Idol with Diana tonight. I have not seen a lot of other episodes or really know any of the contestants, but let me just say, this was just about the worst set of singers I have ever heard. This is just not on idol, but some of the worst singers I have ever heard. I really cannot believe that these 12 people made it this far. There was maybe 2 people that even deserved to be in the top36, and I do not think any of them should win. Everyone cheered loud for the blind guy, but he was really not much of a singer. What about the dude from Puerto Rico that couldn't pronounce half the words in the song? That is nuts.

Bottom line: American Idol sucks when people that are not good are the ones singing and tonight American Idol sucked.

Is The Mentalist new tonight? Even a repeat is better than this.

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