Friday, March 6, 2009

Another Great Sign

I went to Costco today for lunch. It was good. A nice combo slice and a lemonade. I really like it. I have been to Costco like 6 of the past 7 Fridays for my little treat, and no I am not addicted, I could stop anytime. After I did my window shopping at the Costco (no actual windows, I just walked around) I get ready to leave and here is the sign I saw:

Now, this sing could have been up for months, or it could be brand new, all I know is that today is the first day I noticed it and how funny it was. This sign is telling me that if I invest with Costco and CapitalOne I will have so much money I will be able to use 50 and 100 dollar bills as my mouse pad. The question I have is, "How much money do you have to have to use actual bills as a mouse pad?" I don't even want to guess.

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