Thursday, March 12, 2009

Locking Up

On Monday I was assigned to go lock up the church. This is an easy job where you just make sure that all the kids are out and no windows have been propped open for kids to sneak back in. We also have to turn out lights and all those kind of things. I was not expecting much to happen, five, ten minutes top.

I met the other guy (there has to be two men in case of any problems) and we went around and made sure everything was good. As we went around the back Scott asked me, "Is that your car there?" I said no and he said that we would have to go ask them to leave or see if they need help or what.

We finish up the inside and head out to the car. As we are walking up to the car I see two little feet sticking up in the air.....

I will let you finish the story, I am sure you know it.

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