Thursday, March 5, 2009


I am writing about Wednesday on Thursday. I was out late playing basketball. It was a good time. We actually had 10 guys so we were able to kick the younger kids out and just play. It was fun. 3 hours of ball can really hurt your legs. Mine are aching right now. I just got a charlie horse that was pretty bad. I manned up though and Diana does not even know. I am pretty cool.

Today was a pretty normal day, except for the part where my office was shaking and loud noises were happening. I should tell you that today was a very windy day. Very, very windy. There have been these huge metal things out in front of the building. I have no idea what they are, but they are big and look heavy.

I guess they are not heavy enough because the wind picked one of them up and threw it through the lobby window of the building. Huge crash, my entire floor was shaking. I had no idea until I heard other people talk about it.

That is about the only thing that happened today. We did have breakfast pizza for dinner. It was good. Another creation by Diana that turned out super yummy.

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