Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Diana's Birthday

Sunday was Diana's birthday. Once again, she is 29! It was a good day. We lounged around my parents condo and watched movies and ate snacks for meals. It was fun. Just the kind of day that Diana wanted (I hope). We had some yummy Cinnamon Burst french toast for breakfast. Diana got a bunch of Facebook friends that contacted her to wish her a happy birthday. Diana had friends call and leave her messages of birthday wishes. Diana had my parents and family wish her a happy birthday face to face at the condo. It was a good day.

The one thing that my wife did not have on her birthday was either of her parents call to say, "Happy Birthday." I could not believe it. It was a joke. Diana acts like it does not bug her, but I don't act. This really pisses me off. How hard is it to call your own kid to wish them a good day.

I can't say anything else or I might make people mad.

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