Monday, December 29, 2008

No Child Can Beat Me!

365 days. 1 year. That is a long time. The days seem to go by quickly, but the days add up. If you look at my streak widget you will notice that it is over 365 days. That means that I have not thrown up for over a year. I am working hard at getting my streak built back up after last years perilous trip to St. George where everyone got sick and puked. Hopefully there will not be a repeat this year.

My streak is only the 2nd longest in my house. Chloe threw up the day before me last year (the 26th). Diana and Jordan both have thrown up during the past year. Good times. I might put something funny in Chloe's food one day just so my streak can pass hers. I don't have to worry too much, though, girls are always throwing up when they get sick, so I will wait to poison her for a little while longer.

The only thing that is missing is time. When you have a 15 year streak it is a sad day when you throw up and the only thing that gets your streak back where it should be is time. Time, the greatest enemy of a kitten.

1 comment:

Cindi said...

I don't think it was barf. I personally believe it was your awesomness spewing out!