Saturday, December 27, 2008

My Back Hurts!

Christmas Day and the 26th was full of fun and snow. A lot of SNOW! The snow came down like mad and the wind was 50 plus miles per hour. It was crazy outside. Once the morning of the 26th got here I had two plus feet of snow on the ground and an hour and a half of shoveling and the ground was finally clear. My back hurt!

A couple hours later the snow was falling again! This time only three or four inches fell, but I was out in the cold shoveling once again. I took some pictures so you can see what the house looked like after all the snow.

You can see all the snow on the bushes and all piled up on the driveway and pathways. My back hurts, I do not want to have to shovel anymore! Hopefully there is no more snow for a couple days.

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Littlkins said...

Suck up! Did you have a hot pocket while you were out there?