Tuesday, December 23, 2008

And It's Done

The guy came back with the broken part to Diana's present. He installed it in about 5 minutes and we were up and running. I just put the back piece back on shut the door to the room it is in. I am now ready for Christmas.

Diana and I are going to make our plan for tomorrow. We still have a couple friends to get things to and plenty of gifts to wrap. We also need to make a stop at a store to pick up something for the kids from Diana's brother. Diana wants to get something for the cat, I say no, we will see who wins. I have to (once again) be vague as I found out today that the kids do read my blog. Now I have four readers if you count both kids.

Tomorrow should be a good day. We have the errands in the morning and in the afternoon a family Christmas party, then we come home and get to bed early so Santa can come. The kids are pretty excited.

I am sure Diana will love the new flat screen and entertainment center in the toy room. It will be awesome to watch the high-def movies.

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