Monday, December 22, 2008


I am sad right now. I can't say too much because Diana will read this.

I bought one of Diana's Christmas presents last week and have been waiting for a time to put it together. Putting this thing together is a two-man job so I volunteered my Dad to help out. He came over bearing lights for the small bush in front of the house (pictures tomorrow) and he was ready to build. We break everything out and start building. Four hours(!!) later it was ready. I plugged it in and...nothing. Sad. I played with wires, tried different outlets, got a surge protector. We tried everything. Then I started undoing wires. There was one set of wires that if I unhooked them everything worked (except the button this wire belongs to).

My Dad is having an electrician from his work come over tomorrow morning to take a look at it. Good thing I did not wait for Christmas eve for this thing.

Only two more days and you will all know what I got her. She will love it. The present of her dreams! Actually, there are two presents she would like more; one sparkles and the other meows. This present does neither of these things, but it is a dream present for her. Can't wait to give it to her!

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