Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Day Before the Day Before

Today is the day before Christmas Eve. I was up early to let the electrician in that was looking at Diana's present. He found the problem in about 15 minutes and then spent another 15 minutes fixing it. He could not get it to work how it should so he is taking it to his shop today and will get everything set right. He will then bring it back and I should be in business.

After the electrician left I turned on the computer and worked for a couple hours. Today was supposed to be all PTO, but I had a couple lingering issues from yesterday. I am now done working and am preparing to take the kids out to deliver treats to neighgbors and friends.

Once done with treat delivering I am going to pick up a present for Ry-ry from someone around here. This is not a present for Ry-ry, it is a present Ry-ry is giving someone else. I am not saying exactly what all this is because the person that is receiving this present could read the blog. Around Christmas it is hard to have a blog and to have secrets too.

It is barely 11AM and I feel like I need a nap. Well, I better stay busy or I will be napping. Merry Christmas Eve, Eve!

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