Thursday, January 8, 2009


I have many iPods (as you probably know). I really like music, almost all kinds (I despise 99% of country music). I can listen to almost anything though, and I have. When I worked at the paint store as a young man, most of the employees wanted country so I dealt with it. Sometimes they would go with 80's rock. That stuff is really bad! But, to the point of this post...

After Christmas and Diana's birthday we have a $75 credit at the iTunes store. I have $15 and Diana has the rest. I need some ideas on what to buy. So far, I have bought "Crack the Shutters" by Snow Patrol. Comment some cool new (or old) music that would is good for the ears.

Diana is working her way through her credit as well. She has bought the Adele and A Fine Frenzy albums. I really like A Fine Frenzy, her voice is great and the music is awesome. Diana also purchased a bunch of other singles for her iPod.

One last shout out for Apple: Apple recently switched 8 million (of 10 million) songs to DRM free. That means you can download once and copy as many times as you want. It still downloads in AAC (which is the iPod language), but once you download the music you can export it to MP3. We all really know that you should all just get an iPod, the greatest music player in the world. If you want even more fun, get an iPod Touch and a world of applications are yours! You can also get an iPhone if you have AT&T, but AT&T sucks!

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