Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Saturday Morning Wake Up Call

I wasn't going to post this (I already look like a big enough idiot on most days on this blog). I decided that in fairness to my "brutal honesty" mantra I had to let you know. On Saturday morning I was woken up by a cop. No, he was not in my house, he was ringing my doorbell. I grumbled awake at the sound of the bell and thought, "Who is ringing my doorbell, what a jerk. It is 6:00 am!" I got to the door and saw the officer. He asked if the white car over there was mine. I was expecting a busted window or something, but noticed that the trunk was ajar. Then I thought, "They broke into my trunk, good things my golf clubs are in the basement!" I walked out and looked at the car, nothing to show a break-in. Nothing gone. Then I am thinking, "What is going on here?"

The cop asks me to go get my keys so we could look inside. I go in to the house and notice that there is things on my keychain pressing the trunk button. I am an idiot. I was not careful with my stuff and it bit me in the butt. As soon as the cop was happy and left I climbed back into bed for a little more shut eye. I told Diana that it was all a misunderstanding and closed my eyes.

I suck.

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