Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Driving Home From St. George

The family spent the weekend in St. George. It was fun. The weather turned bad Monday morning. We were driving home Monday. The day was cloudy, gray, and cold. The snow started as soon as we left St. George and before we hit Hurricane. The roads became wet and slippery. I slowed down enough so I could change the Pathfinder in to four-wheel drive (you have to be under 60MPH to make the switch), and then I took off. The snow got worse and worse and worse and worse. It was crazy. We saw three cars that were on their sides or tops. There were many other crashed vehicles and even many more cars that had slid off the road.

We drove and drove and drove and only stopped for gas once in Scipio.

The best part of the drive was when I was in a place where the snow was so bad you couldn't even see the lane markers, it was just snow everywhere. In this driving there was a car that decided it was best to just drive in the middle and not make room for any one else. I come upon this vehicle and did not know what to do. I did not want to slow down. I just veered off to the side (mostly staying on the road) and passed this joker in no time. Diana was not real pleased by it. I loved it.

The drive took a little more than five and a half hours (I can usually make this drive in four hours). It was OK. Even after all my great driving I still did not win the MVP on this drive. That award goes to Diana for making it the whole drive home without taking a potty break. Winner, winner, chicken dinner.

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