Monday, January 26, 2009

Been Sick

I have not felt well lately. I really started feeling bad last Wednesday (it probably did not help that I spent the [late] night playing basketball). I have been very achy and my throat has had a little bit of a scratch in it. The worst was my nose. I was overflowing awesomeness (my nose was running) all day. Thursday my nose stopped running, but I was still congested. My head was hurting, I could not breathe through my nose. I kept blowing my nose but nothing would come out. When I spoke you could tell there was no air coming through my nose. I was awful.

Even though I was sick, I was still working. I had many things going on at the end of the week (I did have donuts on Friday) so I could not stay home. Saturday I basically stayed in bed and rested. I got up to help make meals and to go to the restroom, but otherwise, I was in bed. I took a couple naps and it was good. On Sunday I had meetings in the morning and then church, which I could not miss. I got home, had lunch, ran a couple more errands and then faded fast. I dropped into bed and I was out. I slept for multiple hours. I did not get up until after 6. It was quite a nap. I woke up and my wife said that I did not snore (which was a first for the weekend). I still felt stuffy and sore, so I had some dinner and watched the first 5 episodes of 24 and then went back to bed. I was tired.

It is interesting, when your head is all stuffy like mine is and you wake up. While you are laying down you are OK, but as you stand you get all dizzy and feel like you are going down. You just have to stand for a second to get your bearings back. That was me as I woke up. And it had snowed the night before so there was multiple inches on the ground and I just did not have it in me to shovel. I decided right then that I was going to have to work from home today. I just did not want to wait in traffic for an hour to just to get to work.

As the day has progressed I have felt better. Still sniffling, still blowing my nose plenty, but I am on the right side of this cold now. Good thing, too, I have got to get to work tomorrow, lots to do. Today was a good work day though. I spent the morning updating the wiki training area of my works intranet and the afternoon working through the timeline for our next European conference. In between both of those items I worked on other projects I have going.

Diana has also been sick. I feel bad for her. Her sickness is different than mine. She says her liver hurts. I have been giving her a bad time about it, but it is funny. She also says she has been stuffy, but her main complaint has been the liver.

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