Saturday, January 31, 2009

Science Projects

I hate science projects.

When I was a child I did everything I could to not do a science project. I was pretty lucky because at my school science projects were usually extra credit. I don't think I did more than two in all my school years.

Now that I have two kids it is different. My kids have been required to do a science project every year of their school. The project is part of their grade. I cannot stand it! Not that we haven't done some pretty cool projects in the past.

One year, Chloe and I went downtown and rode a bunch of elevators to see how your weight changed while in an elevator. Once, Jordan did a project about shadows and different times of the day. It was pretty cool as well.

Last year, Jordan did a popcorn project that was fun. He wanted to see what popped the most kernels, the microwave or the air popper. Chloe did one on name brand cereal versus off brand cereal and how long the cereal stayed crunchy. It was a fun year of projects.

This year, we could not find a project that we were allowed to do and wanted to do. Chloe finally got her idea right from her science teacher, and like usual, we waited until the day before it was due to get it done. I guess everything turned out OK because Chloe got selected for the science fair. Only 16of 80 kids get to go to the science fair, so it is quite an achievement, but I hate science projects, so, I just look at the extra work that this might cause for me.

Jordan is doing his project today, it is due Monday. We are going to go to the track around here and see how many steps it takes to walk and then run the track and also measure you to see if how tall you are leads to less steps. It will be a fun time. We will see how it all goes down later. We will then work on his board today and tomorrow so it will be ready for Monday.

I hate science projects.

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