Saturday, April 25, 2009

Soccer and Chloe

Chloe is playing soccer. This is her first year playing real organized soccer. She is improving quickly. She plays midfield and does a good job. Today, during the game she was in the midfield and the coach told her to move up and play forward as well to help out with the offense. The team was down 2 to1. When I saw Chloe line up as a forward I told her that if she scored a goal she would get $100. I was joking of course, as Chloe never scores and usually never gets close to scoring. Today would be different.

Chloe was right in the middle of things as a forward. She was right in the middle getting the passes and shooting, she was getting tripped by defenders and she was passing to open team mates. The crowd was cheering her on (they all heard my $100 pledge). Suddenly a pass goes into Chloe from Michelle (another girl on the team) right in front of the goal and Chloe kind of pokes the ball into the air. The goalie for the other team tries to get it and it knocks off his hands and into the goal. The crowd goes wild, Chloe is happy and I cannot believe I now owe my daughter $100.

All the other parents were asking me if I was actually going to pay. I told them that I would have to ask my wife. After the game I called Diana and she quickly says that I have to pay. We go to the ATM and now Chloe has her$100. See the pictures below:

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RyRy said...

WOW - I am not letting my ids read your blog. B-Rotten scored his first goal yesterday too. Last year, he ran away from the ball. This year, he had scored 2 minutes into his game. I won't tell him that I am paying $100, but maybe I'll let him know that Uncle Matt is paying $$ to goal scoreres.