Friday, April 17, 2009

Harper's Island

Harper's Island is a TV show on CBS Thursday nights after CSI. This show is partly scary and really funny. It is pure cheese. Everything they do is to try and scare you. They do things like have a girl scream in terror but it is really her "enjoying herself" with her boyfriend. You should watch the show, it is good fun.

The plot is about an island off of Seattle that had never had a murder until some psycho killed 9 people - including the main girls mother. This girl left the island and never came back until her best friend (a guy - who wants to bet these two get together by the end of the show) is getting married to another girl. The bride is rich and has a rich father that does not approve of the groom and is trying to have the brides ex-boyfriend get back with her. There are other bit players that we haven't really got to know yet. There is a crazy brother (could be the killer). There is an uncle that was killed in the first episode for standing up to the bride's father for the groom. There is the main girls ex-boyfriend from the island who is trying to get back with her. There is another dysfunctional couple as well where the guy can't barely talk to the girl because he is so in love and the girl doesn't even care for him (good relationship).

The best part of the show is that it goes for 13 weeks and they have promised deaths every episode and the deaths are supposed to be gruesome and cool. Also, the writers have guaranteed that every week you will think someone else is the bad guy.

Here is a preview:

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