Monday, April 20, 2009

I Am Weird

The hand dryer in the Men's bathroom at the theatre looks like this. There are no instructions by the pictures so here is what I imagine the instructions are:
For the picture on the left:
Rub hands together and you will be presented with bacon.

For the picture in the right:
For easy bacon access, put face up to opening and pull down on handle.

I was showing this to Chloe at Leatherby's and telling her about this post and she said I was weird. I guess this is me agreeing with her.


thoughtful me said...

I so didn't want to laugh at that because Chloe is right, YOU ARE WEIRD! Even though I chuckled, just remember you've called me an easy laugh on many occasions:)

lesleydaluz said...

that's got to be the last bacon joke :-)