Monday, November 2, 2009

A Party

At my house, kids do not trick or treat after the sixth grade. Chloe just started seventh grade. That must mean this rule now applies to her. Diana and I decided that becuase she cannot go out trick or treating, she should be able to have a Halloween party. Chloe happily accepted the terms of the deal and invited 16 friends.

About 12 kids total atteded the party last Friday. It was wild. We did "Witches Brew" which is where you get a list of food items to be blended and drunk by each person (everyone gets a custom made witches brew). We had food items like strawberries, blueberries, ice cream, pickles, string cheese and broccoli. Everyone got a prett wild drink - no I did not partake (I wasn't invited, I was making sure no one blended their fingers off).
After the witches brew we did "Donuts on a String" where you have a group of people eating donuts off a string with no hands. First one to completely eat the donuts wins.

At this point we broke out the glow sticks and the kids went outside to play tag in the dark. They really enjoyed this.

Lastly, the kids went downstairs and played "Mafia", don't ask me what it is, they tried to explain it and I have no idea.

Once we got all the kids out (some parents don't know what 10pm is I guess). Chloe then started the long taks of cleaning the house. She did an ok job that night and finished up the next morning.

I was asleep for all the cleaning - it wasn't my party.
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