Monday, November 2, 2009

Broken Glass

We had family over on Sunday night (busy weekend, right? - haven't even told you that I fixed a toliet too!). We were happily preparing - doing last minute cleaning, getting chairs out, moving the coffee table. Well, let me go back...

We have a pretty small front room, enough room for our two couches face-to-face and our coffee table with aisles to walk through. It is great when people are over. No TV to distract, you are just face to face with the other people and you can chat. We bring in chairs from the office or kitchen or downstairs. We then take the coffee table and put it in Jordan's room or down the hall. We have been doing this for years with no problems (I am usually the one moving everything).

Yesterday, Diana and I were snuggling on the couch and having the kids take care of getting ready. They were doing a fine job, took the coffee table out, started getting chairs. Diana and I were reading the Ward Newsletter and all of a sudden CRASH!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don't think I could put enough exclamation points. I look over and see Chloe inside the coffee table - I did say it was glass top, right?

I run over to Chloe, Diana asks if she is OK, I can tell she is fine, maybe a small scratch where she broke through. I toss her out and start surveying the scene:

Glass is broken into hundreds of pieces
Table is scratched on the top and the bottom
I am pissed

I try not to yell, I think I do a pretty good job: I go outside for a minute to calm down. I do go in and give her some choice words, basically asking her 1) what was she thinking climbing on the glass with a chair; and 2) what was she thinking as she crashed through the glass. She just sobs. Now remember, she is not hurt physically, she is just mad/sad that it happened.

I get a box to pick up all the glass. My parents arrive and start babying her once the hear the story. I get things picked up and vacuumed, my Dad measures the opening so he can check with some people on the glass.

I now spend the rest of the night making "funny" (to me) comments. Diana is not happy and Chloe is not talking to me.

Now, the question I have is: did I do anything wrong? I was mad, but controlled, I left the house when things were too bad. I didn't kill her. I think I did good. What are your thought and comments?
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Your mean.