Friday, November 27, 2009

Black Friday

Yes, I am out shopping. So far I have been to Sears, Target, and Walmart. I still have Shopko and Costco on my list. I have gotten a lot of the items on my list already. I did get our new microwave at Sears, but it won't be in until December 2. Target was a zoo and I got the one item that I needed from them and then checked out. Walmart was crazy and I ended up walking around the store 3 time to find everything, but I got most of it.

I got some of my shopping done this morning at 1am. We got home from Ry-ry and Anne's and I checked to see if any stores had their deals online already. Radio Shack did and that saved me a stop this morning that would have been problematic for me. I did some shopping then went to bed, then got up at 4:15am for my current shopping spree.

Nothing like 3 hours of sleep and then fighting with people, I mean, shopping black friday.
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