Monday, November 2, 2009

And Trick or Treating

The night finally arrives. Jordan is in his mad scientist costume. Chloe is in her Athena costume (to answer the door). I on my way to ChikFilA for dinner when I get a call on the cell phone. Jordan wants to go trick or treating with friends. Now, trick or treating is a family activity and I have turned the kids down many times on going with friends and no adults-we have gone with friends, but always with adults.

I had already spent 3 and a half hours walking the hike with Jordan and my feet hurt. I took the opportunity to stay home and hang out. It has been years since I stayed home on Halloween (one year I was in Germany).

I got back home, took Jordan to his friends and Chloe, Diana, and I all hung out listening to music and YouTube videos (mine were mostly met with Boo's or apathy). It was a good night and my feet didn't hurt by the end.

Jordan loved going with friends and he knows this is a one time thing as next year he will be having a party and no treating.

You know, a good Dad would probably have taken some picture or something. Sorry.
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