Monday, September 28, 2009

New TV

The new TV season has started. Nothing new (that I have seen so far) has really knocked my socks off. I liked FlashForward, but I don't think they can keep the premise up for an entire season - or, especially, multiple seasons. A couple others have been OK.

Most of the returning shows I have seen so far were pretty lackluster (How I Met Your Mother and Big Bang Theory especially). I can't believe that Sara is back on CSI, that is way too contrived. I still have not seen the entire premiere of Heroes (because I did not think it was that good).

Amazing Race was very good last night, I really like this show. You can see how people truly are. The one super-Christian guy saying he was going to rip his girlfriends head off, the poker players as homeless teen counselors, and the two gay brothers, "High-five!" This is a show that is worth watching every week.

Diana has already found multiple shows that she likes, but since this is my blog, I will not dedicate any more space to her crazy shows. Maybe, just maybe, this will motivate her to blog about why she likes some of the new shows she does.

Well, I gotta go, How I Met Your Mother is starting soon and since it can't be any worse than last week, I am expecting good things tonight.

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